General public

The campus is open to the general public. Visitors to UCLA are expected to abide by all guidance posted throughout campus and to comply with current health and safety requirements for visitors, as posted in UCLA’s COVID protocols at-a-glance chart.

Tours of the campus — including in-person tours, virtual tours narrated by current UCLA students and self-guided tours — are available to the public, prospective students and their families. Please see the Undergraduate Admission campus tours page for more information and availability.

Members of the public attending campus events

In addition to abiding by guidance posted throughout campus and complying with visitor-specific health and safety requirements, members of the public attending events on campus may in some instances be asked by event organizers to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination (PDF) or proof of a negative test (PDF).

For further details on entry requirements to events, see our guidance for campus events.

Invited guests and third-party contractors regularly on campus

Non-affiliates — including guest lecturers, vendors, third-party contract workers and other external parties — who are learning, working or participating in programs regularly on campus must comply with UCLA’s health and safety requirements listed in the “employees” section of UCLA’s COVID protocols at-a-glance chart.

Note: Delivery personnel and workers involved in similar activities must wear masks when entering UCLA buildings, but they are not subject to symptom monitoring or testing requirements, even though they may be making deliveries to multiple buildings over the course of a day.

Parking for guests

For information on campus parking locations and fees, please visit UCLA Transportation’s visitor parking page.

Recommended COVID-19 resources

For journalists

UCLA faculty members are available for interviews with news media on a wide range of topics related to COVID-19, including public health and epidemiology, virology and vaccines, mental health, education, law, politics and the economy.

UCLA COVID-19 experts UCLA COVID-19 news stories

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